Disruptica in action

Natural Language Processing for social media
finding patterns between people and topics to understand consumer behavior

Handwritten Character Recognition
digital conversion and analysis of handwritten documents

Unsupervised Machine Learning for cargo routes
analyzing millions of GPS positions to improve logistic operations

Who we work with

Enterprises, innovators, and investors who challenge the speed of business today.

[It's simple, fast companies beat slow ones.]

How we disrupt

1. Review
We assess your current ICT challenge and recommend best solutions.

2. Think
We put together diverse and brilliant minds using design thinking to propose disruptive ideas and the technology required.

3. Coding
We set up the team for your idea to scale; we can also team up with your crew.

What we do

We put people and technology together to deliver value and disruption

  • AI Engineering

    We develop highly customized artificial intelligence algorithms embedded in Web, Mobile and API apps. [+]

  • Cutting Edge Infrastructure

    We rely on the most updated GPU and TPU cloud infrastructure to deliver disruption faster and better. [+]

  • ICT for Development

    We work on solutions that solve big problems in emerging economies.

  • Venture Capital

    We help entrepreneurs with up to $100,000 to develop minimal viable products. [+]