We specialize in highly customized artificial intelligence innovation to create engaging products.

Who we work with

Enterprises, innovators and investors who challenge the speed of business today.

[It's simple, fast companies beat slow ones.]

How we disrupt

1. Design Thinking
We put together diverse and brilliant minds to propose disruptive ideas and the technology required.

2. Coding
We set up the team required for your idea to scale; we can also team up with your troupe.

3. Delivery
We release your product ready to go to market or investors

What we do

We put people and technology together to deliver value and engagement

  • Software Development

    We develop Web, Mobile, API and IoT apps. We can also audit your own development. We work with open and closed source technologies. [+]

  • Cutting Edge Technologies

    We use the power of cloud, big data and artificial intelligence to create disruptive products. [+]

  • Piloting & Design Thinking

    We help validate and improve your idea. We create minimum viable products and demos. [+]

  • Crowdsourcing and Analytics

    We reach mass markets combining social networks and digital marketing. We analize the impact with advanced analytic tools.