Disruptica Ventures

We offer a credit line of up to $100,000 for tech development

How it works:

1. Pitch us your idea through our online form. Convince us you and your idea rocks!
2. After your have submitted your application, along with the $375 application fee, we will review all material and respond within 15 days with our proposal, i.e. analysis, feasibility, cost and implementation breakdown.
3. If we believe your idea rocks after all that analysis, our proposal will also include a financing offer of up to 80% of the development costs. 
4. After the handshakes we get to work and build your product.
5. Bonus points! We find you a mentor, offer training, and provide other resources and tools to boost your product. 

What you get:

1. We become partners! Yay! 
2. Your idea will finally become a real product faster and better while minimizing risks.
3. You get access to our unique business and tech training
4. You work with a mentor that is committed with your idea. 
6. You have access to tools to manage your product and team.
8. You get a customized landing page, a business email account and domain.
9. You receive legal consultancy to protect your business.
10. We provide access to accelerators and investors to scale up. 

Criteria to apply:

Since we work in tech and artificial intelligence, we can currently only accept proposals related to these fields. Surpisingly, a lot of topics can have a tech or AI twist. For example, if your idea is to develop a fancy organic fat-free vegan greek yogurt that has a built-in chip to measure calories and nutritional value, then yes, we are interested and do apply!


What we're good at:

We have experience in custom Artificial Intelligence agents or robots, online stores with Shopify, E-learning, Web and Mobile development, Cloud services and API.


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