Let´s talk about maps

We are probably obsessed (let's say we instead of just me) about checking in at fancy places so the world can be jealous of our lives. We are obsessed with locations but nobody cares about maps. Contradictory eh!?

I decided to do a little research to update my cartography knowledge and discover some of the fantastic things that can happen when mixing tech and maps.

Starting from zero, the version that you know as the map of the world has been around for centuries. In 1569 geographer Gerardus Mercator revealed his world map and, to this day, it’s the generally accepted image we have of this planet. But it has major flaws dramatically distorting the sizes of Antarctica and Greenland. You didn't know that either, right?

On 2016, the Good Design Award grand prize went to a world map called AuthaGraph. The year before it was a robotic arm, so this must be "THE MAP". With all the climate changes, melting glaciers and territorial sea claims, it was time to establish a new view of the world. Narukawa, developed AuthaGraph which aims to create maps that represent all land masses and seas as accurately as possible. Watch this video and find out what our planet actually looks like.



The team at Disruptica introduced me to MapBox, a mapping platform for developers that allows you to design maps, get live updates and choose different template styles -it's open source and very easy to use. Explore all the features and easily add them to your website or app.



Street addresses are often not precise enough and don't exist in parks or rural areas. Latitude and longitude coordinates are really precise, if I tell you I live at 51.620475, 0.307175 you will find me but probably won't remember it, certainly coordinates are great for machines but not for people. That's why someone solved the problem dividing the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigning each one a unique 3 word address. This Award-winning idea from mapping technology startup what3words won the Grand Prix in Innovation at the 2015 Cannes Lions Awards.

When talking about maps, there are so many news stories, companies, apps, websites and tools to list. Although, as I like happy endings I will end up my post with a positive map. Want to know how the world is feeling? There is an interactive emotion map analyzing million of tweets to show live global mood. I looked at my people and JOY is the winner.



Posted on Jun 2nd, 2017 in Curious

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