Artificial Intelligence Studio

We create robots for the good of humanity

How it works:


Natural Language Processing

We analyze unstructured data, categorizate it, and find insights that help make business decisions. For one of our clients, we analyzed thousands of tweets to find patterns between people and topics to understand markets and consumer behavior.


Handwritten Character Recognition

We created a unique Handwritten Characters Recognition component to convert paper documents into a digital format and automatize human typing. This type of technology can be embedded in Web or Mobile apps. Our customers have been able to reduced the cost of digitization by 95% while speeding up conversion time. 


Unsupervised Machine Learning

We have selected and tested a toolset of machine learning algorithms that is able to process millions of records to find hidden patterns. This has opened up new opportunities in healthcare, marketing, and social behavior. 


Our infrastructure relies on the most robust providers like Amazon Web Services, Google AI, Tensorflow, and Watson. 

Companies that trust us:


Inter-american Development Bank
World Bank Group
Internation Finance Corporation
Consultative Group to Assist the Poor
AM Global Consulting
Perfumeria Lemaitre


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